Photo by K. Shapiro, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1895-1900 10.7 х 16.4 cm N. I. Pazukhina with children Elizabeth and Alexei. Nadezhda Ivanovna PAZUKHINA, b. Koliubakina (1848 - 1921) was born near Voronezh and got her education in Moscow. After her marriage, she fully dedicated herself to the family. Alexei PAZUKHIN (1883 - 1942) was a historian and expert in genealogy. After the graduation from Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum (alma mater of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin), Alexei worked at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. In 1925, he was arrested as part of the “Lyceum graduates case” for the first time and then again on different made-up political charges. He worked in one of the most severe labor camps, in White Sea – Baltic Canal. After being released in 1941, he settled in the city of Vladimir, where he worked at the registrar’s desk in a hospital. A1383 PAZUKHINA, N. I. (Пазухина Н.И.)