Swiss Alps: Its Glaciers and Panoramic Views

Photos by the Russian physician Alexei Abrikosov (1875-1955), who toured the Swiss Alps in 1910-1911


Russia in the 1960s

Russia in the 1960s by a Moscow history teacher Vladislav Matusevish (1937-2019)


The Fabulous: London, Paris, and Budapest

Photos by the Russian physician Alexei Abrikosov (1875-1955), who toured Europe with his brother, a Russian diplomat stationed in London in 1905–1908.


The Caucasus Through the Eyes of an Army General

Pictures from the Caucasus, Turkey, and Iran featuring local people, architecture, street scenes, and the daily life of the military through the eyes of an army general Konstantin Gilchevsky stationed in the region in 1889–1899.

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From A to Z: The Portrait Gallery

Original and rare photographic portraits of Eleonora Duse, the first woman on the cover of Time Magazine (left), Sarah Bernhardt, Théophile Gautier, Ossip Gabrilowitsch (renown conductor and son-in-law of Mark Twain), and many other renowned women and men of letters, theater, music, and politics.


Building a Factory: Industrial Design in the 1900s

All stages of building a state-of-the-art textile factory captured in over 100 photos, from laying the foundation to new industrial design features such as skylight and individual lockers for factory.workers.


Life in a Model Country Estate

A model agricultural estate built from scratch by a graduate of Bonn Agricultural University. Daily life of the estate owners, costumed parties, picnics, hunting scenes, and field work.


The Shadows of the Russian Silver Age

An estate near Vitebsk, Belarus, was a place frequented by renowned Russian men and women of letters, who collectively formed what is known as the Russian Silver Age: poet Georgii Ivanov and his wife, dancer Gabrielle Ternisien; literary critic and poet Adelaida Gertsyk and her sister, translator Eugenia Gertsyk; Marina Tsveraeva, and many others. The photos capture the daily life of the estate, its owners, and famous guests taking boat rides, picnicking, making berry pies, and ice-skating on a frozen pond. The estate was looted and burned down by the local peasants during the 1917 revolutionary events and never restored.





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