Photo by K. A. Fisher, Moscow, Russia, 1889 (based on authograph) 6.4 х 10.4 cm Autograph on back: “To my dear papa and mama, N. Shaternikov. April 1, 1889” Nikolai Ivanovich SHATERNIKOV (1871-1940) taught in Moscow gymnasiums and was a poet and translator of classical poetry. He graduated from the History and Philology Department of Moscow University and upon graduation taught Russian language and Church Slavonic and was member of the commission on developing a dialect map of Russia. After the revolution of 1917, he worked at a Rumiantsev Museum and translated Horace, Ovid, and Martial. Published two books of translations: Horace’s Odes in Moscow, 1935, and Martial’s Selected Epigrams, Moscow, 1937. SHTERNIKOV, N. I. (Шатёрников Н. И.)