Photo by A. Lorens, St. Petersburg, Russia, early 1870s6.4 х 10.6 cm Attribution by Natalia Gennadievna Bandurova. St. Petersburg Museum of Theater and Music Arts, Russia Modest Ivanovich PISAREV (1844 -1905), actor, teacher, and distant relative of literary critic Dmitriy Pisarve and husband of actress Pelagia STREPETOVA; one of the founding fathers of the Association of Russian Actors. In 1865, graduated from the Law School of Moscow University and since 1859 played in amateur theaters. As a professional, Modest Pisarev played since 1867 in Simbirsk, then Orenburg, the Urals, and then in Moscow, including in the Korsh Theater. Actor at the Alexandrine Theater, St. Petersburg, since 1885. C4897 PISAREV, M. I. (М. И. Писарев)