Photo by I. Diagovchenko, Moscow, Russia, 1882 6.4 х 10.4 cm Autograph on the other side: “To Ivan Gavrilovich Volkov in good memory of your cousin or godfather. Vasily Karneev. Moscow, 3 February 1882.” Vasily D. KARNEEV (1853 - 1911) was a Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and state councillor. He was member of the board of directors of the Moscow Commerce Bank, official representative of the Moscow Stock Exchange Society, member of Moscow Commercial Court and Moscow State Duma (1881-1908). Since 1881, Vasily Karneev was a sponsor of the Second School in Khamovniki, which was known for its quality education. Pavel Florensky, Russian philosopher and mathematician, was a student at this school. KARNEEV V. D. (Карнеев В.Д.)