Photo by Scherer, Nabholz, and Co., Moscow 1903 (based on the autograph) 6.3 х 10.3 cm Autograph on the back: “To Alexandra Vladimirovna Schepetilova from Pavel Fedorovich Istrin, April 18, 1903.” Possibly, presented to a student, daughter of Vladimir Schepetilov, state councilor and physician. Pavel Federovich ISTRIN (1837 – 1916?) was a state councilor (1888), teacher, and philanthropist. He held many public posts, including Chairman of the Pedagogical Council of Moscow Private Gymnasium for Women of N. P. Schepotieva and as Honorary Member of the Women’s Trustees of the Poor in Moscow (1916). ISTRIN, P. S. (Истрин П.Ф.)