Photo by A. von Sveikovsky, Tula, Russia, 1875 10.8 х 16.4 cm Autograph on the back: “To deeply respected Nikolai Lavrentievich Drinevich in good memory of someone who loves him and all his family dearly. N. Arseniev. November 6, 1875. Nikolai Alexandrovich ARSENIEV (1846 – 1878) was a physician and professor of medicine at Moscow University, Russia. During the Russian-Turkish war, he volunteered as a physician and headed a squadron of Moscow nobles to the Caucasus, where he died of typhoid in 1877. A fund in his name was established by his wife at the Arseniev Gymnasium for Women, which provided scholarships for impoverished noble girls from the city of Tula. Nikolai’s grandfather was aid-de-camp of Suvorov during the capture of Ismail and Prague. His wife was Sofia Alexandrovna Arseniev (1840—1913), head of the Arseniev private Gymnasium for Girls in Moscow. D206-16 (Donated by M. D. Drinevich; from the collection of V. A. Matusevich.) ARSENIEV N. A. (Арсеньев Н. А.)