Photo by Theodor Penz, Charlottenburg, Germany, 1900s 6.2 х 10.4 cm Alexandr Lvovich ZOMBE (1877-1926) was an oil and gas engineer. He studied in Germany and Belgium, and worked in the industry since 1906. In 1911, Alexandr moved to the city of Grozny as a representative of Stuken and Co., which supplied the oil production in the Grozny region with technology and equipment. Following the Russian Communist Revolution of 1917, Zombe chaired Grozny Defense and Industry Committee and was member of the presidium of the Grozny Regional Executive Committee. In 1918, he worked at the new Commissariat for the Industry of the Terek Soviet Republic. In 1921, he represented the Grozny Oil Company first in Constantinople and then in Berlin. Quoted from: A. V. Ivanov, Grozneft: The Beginning and the First Steps. Eyewitness Testimony // Grozneft: istoki I pervye shagi. Svidetelstva ochevidtsev //Veterany: iz istorii razvitia neftyanoi i gazovoi promyshlennosti. Issue 26. Moscow, 2013. Pg. 40-79. C4950 ZOMBE, A. L (Зомбе А. Л.)