Photo by I. Otsup, Petrograd, 1915-1916 6.4 х 10.4 cm Inscribed on the other side: “From the bottom of my heart, wish you happiness and success in life.” Alexander Ivanovich BORGMAN (1879-1942) was a professor of history and son of Ivan Ivanovich Borgman (1849-1914), physicist and rector of St. Petersburg University, who taught physics to children of tzar Alexander III. Borgman graduated from the History and Philology Department of St. Petersburg University (1902). From 1900 to 1902 he taught history in St. Petersburg Technical School (realnoe uchilische), then at St. Petersburg Orphane Institute of Nicholas I. Author of several textbooks. Alexander Borgman lived in St. Petersburg at 56, Basseynaia Street. He died during the siege of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) during WWII. C4934 BORGMAN, A. I. (Боргман А.И.)