Photo by Borovikovsky, St. Petersburg, Russia, early 1910s. 10.7 х 15.8 cm Alexander Alexandrovich LIPSKY (1856—1915) was a physician, statistician, and editor participating in the preparation of the famous Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary. By 1914, his titles included: state councilor, docent at the Imperial Military Medical Academy, senior physician of the Imperial Theaters, and member of Medical Philanthropy Committee of the Imperial Humanistic Society, which was established by Alexander I in 1804 to provide medical assistance to the poor, including free home visits and emergency medical assistance. Autograph: “My our dear and loved by everyone Varvara Ivanovna. A. Lipsky, September 22, 1915.” C3361 LIPSKY A.A. (Липский А.А.)