Photo by A. Posse, Smolensk, Russia, 1890 6.3 х 10.4 cm Autograph on the back: “To Mrs. Teodorovich in memory of books on mathematics, which were timelessly destroyed the night of May 8 to May 9, 1890. V. V. Nemytskiy.” (The autograph is possibly dedicated to the sister of the revolutionary and Communist party member Ivan Adolphovich Teodorovich, 1875-1937.) Vladimir Vasilievich NEMYTSKIY taught mathematics in Smolensk Gymnasium for Boys (1895-1904). In 1900, he was awarded the title of state councilor. Later Nemytsky taught mathematics and physics in Moscow’s Alexandrovkiy Institute and Kishinev Professional School, Russia. C4997 NEMYTSKIY, V. E. (Немыцкий В. В.)