Photo: unknown. 11.9 х 19.4 cm (with the frame) Nikolai Fedorovich BUNAKOV (1837-1904) was a Russian liberal teacher and author of works on pedagogy. Organized elementary school in his native town of Vologda; headed eleven conferences on teaching; developed the teachings of Ushinsky; and actively supported the democratization of public schools and the introduction of free elementary education for all. Considered politically ‘unrealiable,’ Bunakov was prohibited from teaching in Russia. He moved to Voronezh, where funded the opening of a public school, a library, and a pharmacy. Graduates of his school later formed a public farmers’ theater. He died in St. Petersburg and was buried on Literatorskie Mosty, which today is a memorial cemetery, where many Russian writers, musicians, actors, architects, and other public figures are buried. C4956 BUNAKOV, N. F. (Бунаков Н. Ф.)