Russia in the 1960s

Vladislav MATUSEVICH (1937-2019) was a Russian writer, member of the Moscow Writers Union, a bibliophile, and a collector. An intellectual close to the ideals of the 1970s, he was critical of the Soviet regime and turned down an offer to join the Communist Party, forfeiting a successful career at the Soviet Central Television that depended on the Party’s membership.

At the time when many historical facts and literary figures were hushed up or renounced, Matusevich was quietly but consistently preserving historical memory. He was never a professional photographer, but dedicated long years from 1960s until 1980s to this hobby.


At the farmer's market. Saratov, 1968.


Getting ready for a TV show. Moscow, 1969.


At the regional store. Rostov, 1968.


Raising the flag at a pioneer camp. Istra, 1966.


At the traveling exhibition from the Louvre. Moscow, 1965.


Waiting for mom outside the store. Moscow, 1964.


Chess at Tverskoi Boulevard. Moscow, 1964.


A kiss. August 1968.


Home-made soup. Borisogleb, 1968.


Trolley stop at Preobrazhenskaia Square. Moscow, 1967.


Passenger boat on the Dnepr River, 1969.


Reading a newspaper in the park. Moscow (?), 1968.


Celebrating the Neptune Day in the southern resort of Gurzuf, Crimea, 1966.


Moscow artist at the plein air in Suzdal, 1966.


On the bus to the summer camp. Istra, 1966.


At the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius (Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra) after a service. Zagorsk, 1969.

This exhibition is a sampler from Matusevich’s large collection of the 1960s Russia that you can also find on this website. In addition to their important historical and artistic value, these photographs may serve as a memory refresher for some viewers from the Matusevich generation.

Matusevich traveled all over Russia, and during his travels he observed and recorded “the life of the common Soviet people” on film. He did it with love and grace, while avoiding the propaganda style of the Soviet establishment and taking in any scene that caught his eye, whether glamorous or lowly.

Vladislav Matusevich with his class, Moscow, 1967

Vladislav Matusevich, Rostov, 1967