Monks, Russia, 1900s
Cairo, Egypt, 1900s
Port of Alexandria, Egypt, 1900s


ZolotarevArchives is a collection of original photos made by early amateur photographers. These images offer a spontaneous look at people around the world at home, work, and travel.

All images are free for download and non-commercial use. Just mention our website in credits.


Photo: Monument to Victor Emmanuel II on Riva degli Schiavoni. Venezia, Italy. Before 1908.

Meet The Folks


Mikhail has been collecting early photography since the mid-70s. His collection currently numbers over 30,000 items. He is the inspiration, the founder, and the director of the Archives.


Alice, a digital resources librarian for  Islamic art and architecture, joined the Archives in 2006. She researches the collection, designs exhibitions, and develops website content.





Images from this site can be used free in any form for non-commercial purposes and with a reference to ZolotarevArchives by name or link.


If used for scholarly or news publication, we kindly request a courtesy link or a gratis copy of the publication.

Please contact us for suggestions on how our hi-res images can be used in your project.

Photos from our collection have been used in publications, for marketing, to decorate historic buildings and offices, and for other commercial purposes.

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