Photo by I. Antonopulo, Odesssa, Ukraine, 1890s 10.0 х 6.6 cm Alexander Onufrievich KOVALEVSKY (1840-1901), Russian biologist and embryologist, a founder of evolutionary embryology and physiology, member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (since 1890), and honorary professor of the Imperial University of St. Petersburg. Participated in expeditions to the Adriatic, Mediterranean, Kaspian, and the Red seas. Kovalevsky was an active supporter of Charles Darwin’s theory. Together with Mechnikov, he laid the foundation for comparative evolutionary biology. Alexander’s brother Vladimir Kovalevsky was husband of a renowned Russian mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya. In 1940, the USSR Academy of Sciences established an award for embryology named after Alexander Kovalevsky. C4893 KOVALEVSKY А. О. (Ковалевский А. О.)