Unknown photographer. St. Petersburg (?), Russia, early 1860s 5.9 х 10.1 cm Evgeny Evgenievich KARNOVICH (1823 or 1824 - 1885), Russian writer, historian, and journalist studied at St. Petersburg Pedagogical Institute; taught Greek at the Kaluga Gymnasium. In 1859, he resigned and for the rest of his life served as director of St. Petersburg Committee for Prisons, member of the Statistical Committee, the Society for Assisting Men of Letters and Science, and the Russian Geographic Society. Actively published in popular magazines, such as Sovremennik, Istorichesky Vestnik, and Russkaya Mysl’, and edited Birzhevye Vedomosti. His most popular works include: The Jewish Question in Russia (1863), Prominent Wealth of Private Persons in Russia (1874), The Maltese Knights in Russia (1880), Noteworthy and Mysterious Personas of the XVIII and XIX Century (1885), and others. Buried at the Alexander-Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg, Russia. C4959 KARNOVICH E. P. (Карнович Е. П.)