Photo by A. Karelin, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia, 1902 6.3 х 10.4 cm Inscribed on the other side: “To dear mother in memory of her loving son Nikolai Bolshakov on September 1, 7410.” Nikolai Sergeevich BOLSHAKOV (1889-?), owner of the Book and Icon Case Trading Company of N.S. Bolshakov, which specialized in antiquarian books and closely worked with local museums. In 1914, Bolshakov presented collected works of Maximus the Greek to the Rumyantsev Museum in Moscow. After the revolution, unable to continue with his book trade, Bolshakov dedicated himself to studying Russian engravings and, in 1927, published his book on Moscow Ornate Engravings of the 16th Century. A0605 BOLSHAKOV, N. S. (Большаков Н.С.)