Photo by K. Fisher, Moscow, Russia, 1907 6.3 х 10.3 cm Elizaveta Sergeevna NEDYKHLIAEVA (1892-1983) was the daughter of Moscow engineer Sergei Nedykhliaev. During World War I, she served as a nurse and after the war became a docent at the Department of Physics of Moscow State University. In 1918, she married Sergei Dmitrievich Chetveriakov (1892-1972), who belonged to a family of prominent manufacturers. Sergei Chetveriakov served in the cavalry during World War I and after the war taught at the departments of geology and chemistry at Moscow State University. A1377 (Provided by Ludmila Sergeevna Chetverikova) NEDYKHLIAEVA, E. S. (Недыхляева Лиза)