Photo by M. A. Mischenko, Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Russia, 1901 (based on autograph) 10.5 х 6.5 cm Signed: “To poet and non-drinker Yakov Gavrilovich Vladimirtsev from poet and decadent in good memory of the joyous days of our poetic friendship. Mark Krinitsky. Iv.-Voznesensk. May 30, 1901." Mark KRINITSKY (real name: Mikhail Vladimirovich Samygin; 1874—1952) was a writer, playwright, and teacher. A friend of poet Valery Brusov, who called Mark “quite an extraordinary personality.” In 1894, Krinitsky, together with Kontantin Balmont, established the Circle of Admirers of West European Literature. Krinitsky’s novels explored the themes of love and intimacy and focused on women, which made them very popular among the provincial middle class. Krinitsky died in a psychiatric hospital in the city of Gorky, Russia. C4891 KRINITSKY M. (Криницкий М.)