American Photography Shop of Andrey Eikhenwald, 1860s (before 1868) 6.6 х 10.7 cm Sergei Sergeevich VOLKOV (1813-1882), member of the Duma Committee on Peasants. Married late, around 50, to young countess Maria Vladimirovna LVOVA (1842-1907). Maria LVOVA came from a prominent family. Her father, count Vladimir Vladimirovich Lvov (1804-1856), was an educator, philanthropist, and a state censor. He was, however, fired from his job after allowing to publish Ivan TURGENEV’s A Sportsman’s Sketches. After Vladimir Lvov’s death, his wife (illegitimate daughter of count Alexei RAZUMOVSKY, aunt of A. K. TOLSTOY and brothers ZHEMCHUZHNIKOV, and a friend of Ivan TURGENEV) was left with six daughters in a difficult situation, which prompted Maria to marry affluent Sergei VOLKOV. The Volkovs’ daughters Maria and Sofia were active in Russian cultural life and made gifts to Rumyantsev Museum in Moscow. D0220 VOLKOV, S. S. (Волков С.С.) with wife