Photo by R. Brodovsky, Moscow, ca. 1900 11.0 х 16.2 cm Vladimir D. ADAMOVICH (1872-1941), Russian architect, primarily worked in Moscow. From 1893 to 1898 worked for Moscow architect Fyodor Schechtel; participated in the construction of houses for Z. G. Morozova in Spiridonovka and F. Schechtel in Yermolaevsky Alley, Moscow. Most of his known architectural work is co-authored with V. M. Mayat, including Church of the Veil of Mother of God for Ostozhenka the Old Believers religious community, the home for N. A. Vtorov in Spasopeskovsky Square (House of American Ambassador), a villa called “The Black Swan” for N. P. Ryabushinsky in Petrovsky Park, and many others. C4809 ADAMOVICH, V. D. (Адамович В.Д.)