Photo by I. I. Gribov in Moscow, Russia, late 1870s – early 1880s 11 х 16.4 cm Karl Karlovich MAZING (1849—1926) was a mathematician, engineer, state councilor (1901), as well as a prominent figure in the development of profession education in Russia. His parents were Swedish. In 1870, he graduated from the Department of Physics and Mathematics, Moscow University, and stayed with the Department of Astronomy at the University. In 1872, Mazing actively participated in the organization of the Polytech Exhibition in Moscow. In 1877, he founded and headed Mazing Commercial School, a private professional school for boys to study mathematics, physics, chemistry, and trades. As a public figure, Mazing was member of the Moscow City Council (1913—1921) and Chairman of the Moscow office of the Imperial Russian Technical Society, Society for Mechanical and Technical Sciences, and other organizations, such as Accounting Commission for War-Related Expenses. Mazing was one of the founders of Moscow Society for the Advancement of Commercial Education (1897) and Higher Commercial Courses. During the Civil War, he founded People’s Universities in Kislovodsk and Rostov-on-Don. In 1922, he returned to Moscow and taught at the Workers’ Department of the Geology and Mining Academy, while editing a technical magazine Vestnik of Engineering. C4930 MAZING, K. K. (Мазинг К. К.)