Photo by P. Pavlov, Moscow, late 1890s (?) 11.0 х 16.9 cm Writing on the back: “Yuri Gennadievich Karpov ~ 1881-1882. Emigrated. Was a monk on Mount Athos, then somewhere in the monasteries of Bulgaria.” Georgy (Yuri) Gennadievich KARPOV (1881-…) was the son of historian Gennady Fedorovich KARPOV and Anna Timofeevna KARPOV (b. Morozov), member of the Moscow Nobility Association. After 1917, he became a monk at Mount Athos, and after the Russians were exiled from Greece, he joined one of the monasteries in Bulgaria. Georgy was never married. C4821 (From the Morozov’s family archive; donated by A. P. Linkov) KARPOV G. G. (Карпов Г. Г.)