Photo by Pierson & Braun Fils (E.Ziegler), Paris, France, early1860s (?) 6.3 х 10.5 cm Pierre Jules Théophile GAUTIER (1811 - 1872) was a French poet, novelist, and art and literary critic. His most famous work is probably Émaux et Camées ("Enamels and Cameos", 1852) published when Gautier toured the Middle East. In addition to the Middle East, G. visited Spain, Italy, Egypt, and Russia. Gautier wrote several scenarios for ballets, including Adolphe Adam’s Giselle, Caesar Puni’s The Pharaoh’s Daughter, and two ballets directed by Mikhail Fokine, Egyptian Nights by Arensky and La Spectre de la Rose by Carl Maria von Weber. C4896 GAUTIER, Pierre Jules Théophile