Photo by S. Yu. Sabin-Guss, St. Petersburg, 1891-1892. 6.3 х 10.5 cm Fedor D. AVILOV (1869 – after 1917), graduate of St. Petersburg Historical and Philological Institute, Russia; state councilor since 1915. Taught classical languages and German in the First Gymnasium of Tiflis; served as director of Kars Realschule since 1910, and director of Suhumi Realschule since 1914. Inscribed on the back: “To an adventurous rogue and a friend Adrianov for good memories from F. Avilov. Address: Pavlovgrad, Yekat[erinoslav] Province. Fedor Dmitrievich Avilov” C4933 AVILOV, F. D. (Авилов Ф.Д.)