Photo by R. Brodovskii, Moscow, Russia, 1895 (based on autograph) 6.4 х 10.6 cm Back side autographed: “To the student of the VI grade V. Ovcharenko for good memories of V. Rzhevskii. January 19, 1895” Vladimir Alexeevich RZHEVSKII (1865 — ?), teacher and political figure. His first wife Lubov Rzhevskaia owned a gymnasium for girls in Moscow, where Anton Chekhov’s sister taught history and geography until 1904. Vladimir graduated from Physics and Math Department of the Moscow University with a Ph. D. in math. He was at the Moscow Observatory in Russia and at a Siemens & Halske Factory in Berlin, Germany. Since 1913, he was elected senior advisor to the Moscow Region Parliament (Duma) and member of the Duma’s Finance Committee. During February Revolution of 1917, Vladimir Rzhevskii was member of the Provisional Government of Russia. From 1918 to 1923 he was director of school No. 30 (former Rzhevskii Gymnasium). C4858 RZHEVSKII, V. A. (Ржевский В.А.)