Photo by G. V. Trunov, Moscow, 1899 11.0 х 16.4 cm Anna AZAGAROVA (Azogarova) (? - 1935), Russian actress. Graduate of the Kronshtadt Gymnasium for Girls (gold medal). As actress, worked in St. Petersburg since 1886; then in the provinces (Samara, Saratov, Kazan, Vilno, etc.). Since 1914, was an actress in the Moscow Korsh Theater. Played Katerina in Ostrovsky’s The Storm, Negina in Talents and Admirers, Cordelia in King Lear, Ophelia in Hamlet, and others. During the Soviet time, worked in local theaters in Tashkent, Ashgabad, etc. Inscribed on the back: “With a deep sorrow in my heart I say farewell to Moscow theater goers, whom I owe the best moments of my life, and ask them not to forget their grateful Azogarova. Moscow 25 January 99.” C4986 AZAGAROVA, A. (Азагарова А. Я.)