Photo by L. A. Berggolz, St. Petersburg, Russia, Appril 1897 10.6 х 14.6 cm Pavel Matveevich OLKHIN (1830—1915) was an author of popular science books, editor, and translator. He was born to a Jewish family of a St. Petersburg book seller Matvey Dmitrievich Olschwang, christened into Russian Orthodox faith as Olkhin. Pavel graduated from Petrishule High School, where he first tried translation and wrote articles in “Biblioteka dlya chtenia” (Reader’s Library) journal. At the same time, he studied chemistry at the Medical and Surgery Academy, where he became friends with chemist and composer Borodin (author of Polovtsian Dances). In 1860, famous Russian publisher Maurycy Bolesław Wolff invited Olkhin to edit his new magazine “Around the World” (Vokrug sveta) (1861—1868). During these years, Olkhin and his family lived in Nuremberg, Germany. Olkhin authored several textbooks, including one on stenography (officially adopted by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Empire), chemistry, technology, and photography. For over 21 years, he was editor of “Fotografichesky vestnik” magazine (Photography Messenger). At the same time, he authored 11 books on medicine, including “The last days of people committing suisides” in 1859, which was used by Dostoevsky in his literary work. It was Olkhin, then director of Stenography School, who recommended his best student Anna Snitkina, Dostoevsky’s future wife, to the writer. C4929 OLKHIN, P. M. (Ольхин П.М.)