Photo by Eichenwald Photographie, Moscow, Russia, 1898 (based on autograph) Signed on the back: “To my dear children Olga and Nikholai Pavlovich in good memory from their loving Ivan Zhemochkin. April 2, 1898” 10.9 х 16.6 cm Ivan Petrovich ZHEMOCHKIN (1839-1903) was a merchant and manager of the Moscow Tax House (Mytnyi Dvor) (since 1900), which charged farmers for bringing cattle for sale to Moscow markets. In addition, he held many public posts, including as representative of the Moscow Credit Society and the Moscow Merchant Society, trustee of Nicholas II Student Dorms, and churchwarden of his local Moscow church. С3251 ZHEMOCHKIN, I. P. (Жемочкин И.П.)