Photo by Ovcharenko, Moscow, Russia, 1894 10.8 х 16.5 cm Alexander Nikolaevich ARSENIEV with his friend and second cousin Sergei Nikolaevich DRINEVICH. Alexander Nikolaevich ARSENIEV (1874 - 1970-е), a physician and recipient of the Distinguished Physician of RSFSR title. Alexander’s father was Nikolai Arseniev (1846 -1877), also a physician, who died during the Russian-Turkish war, and his mother was Sofia Arseniev-Witberg (1840 - 1913), daughter of architect Aleksandr Vitberg and founder of a popular Arseniev Gymnasium for Women in Moscow. Alexander Arseniev graduated from Moscow University, department of medicine and natural sciences, and later worked as surgeon and chief physician of a hospital in Yasnaya Polyana (home of writer Leo Tolstoy). Alexander’s wife Varvara Vasilievna Bibikova (1874-1971) graduated from the Arseniev Gymnasium for Girls and stayed on there to teach geography. She later became a fellow researcher at the Museum of Leo Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana. In addition to her own five children adopted three children from the Tatar Republic, who fled famine in 1920. Supported all children to have higher education. Children: Nikolai, Tatiana, Vasiliy, Aleksei, Viktor. Grandchildren live in Moscow. Sergei DRINEVICH was a son of Alexandra Drinevich-Rodionova, cousin of Nikolai Arseniev, manager of the Arseniev Gymnasium. Sergei with his family lived in a house belonging to the gymnasium. A1424 (Donated by M. D. Drinevich; from the collection of V. A. Matusevich.) ARSENIEV, A. N. (Арсеньев А. Н.)