Photographie Français of Moscow, Russia, 1892-1893 10.7 х 16.4 cm Children of Sergei Tikhonovich BOLSHAKOV: Antonina (b. 1885), Dmitry (b. 1882), and Nikolai (youngest, b. 1889). Sergei Bolshakov (1842–1906) was a trader in antiques and a vendor and trading agent for the Rumyantsev Museum in Moscow, the Public Library in St. Petersburg, the Moscow University, and a number of other important institutions. Nikolai Bolshakov, after the death of his father, headed the Moscow office of the company. Dmitry Bolshakov headed the St. Petersburg office of the company. A1415 BOLSHAKOV Dmitry, Nikolai, and Antonina (Большаковы Дмитрий, Николай и Антонина)