Photo by G. A. Petrozhitsky, Yaroslavl, Russia, 1900 11.9 х 16.4 cm Autographed on the front: “To my dear friend S. A. Musin-Pushkin from V. Mikheev. 1900.XI.24. Yaroslavl.” Vasiliy Mikhailovich MIKHEEV (1859-1908) was a playwright, writer, and poet, as well as literary critic. Since 1905, he was editor at the Severny Krai newspaper in Yaroslavl, one of the best provincial liberal periodicals. Mikheev was from a rich Irkutsk (Siberia) trading family. His first poetic works titled Poems of Siberia came out in 1994; in prose, Mikheev was heavily influenced by V. M. Garshin. Semen Alexandrovich Musin-Pushkin (1858—1907) was a public figure in the local Yaroslav community, a poet and essayist. D073-21 MIKHEEV, V. M. (Михеев В.М.)