Photo by M. I. Konarsky, Moscow, Russia, 1880s 11.1 х 17.4 cm Signed on the back: “To dear Nadezhda Fedorovna in loving memory from P. Blaramberg.” Pavel Ivanovich BLARAMBERG (1841—1907) was a Russian composer and music teacher. Graduated from St. Petersburg Alexandrovsky Lyceum in 1860; worked at the Central Statistical Committee of the Russian Geographic Society; and represented Russia at the International Statistical Congress in Hague (1869). After retirement, he headed political news at the “Russkie Vedomosti” periodical. At the same time, Blaramberg taught music theory and instrumentation at the Moscow Philharmonic School from its opening in 1879 until 1898. He was a friend of artist Valentin SEROV and his portraits were painted by both SEROV and Ivan REPIN. C4766 BLARAMBERG, P. I. (Бларамберг П.И.)