Photo by K. A. Fisher, Moscow, Russia, ca. 1890s 10.8 х 16.4 cm Shown here as Aleko at the debut of Sergei Rachmaninov opera of the same name, April 27, 1893.) Autographed to actress Yulia Nikolaevna Bakhmachevskaya: “To dear Julie in good memory, November 23, 1893.” Bogomir Bogomirovich CORSOV (real name: Goering Gottfried; 1845 - 1920) was an opera singer (baritone) and one of the leading Russian singers at the end of the 19th – early 20th cent. Korsov was born in a physician’s family and first studied in St. Petersburg Construction Engineering College and then at the Russian Academy of Arts as architect. Then he started to take singing classes, including with Giovanni Corsi in Milan (hence his stage name, Corsov). He debuted in Turin, Italy, and in 1869 was admitted to the St. Petersburg Imperial Russian opera, from where he moved on to the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. From 1916 to 1920, Corsov taught at a music school in Tiflis, Georgia. His wife was a famous Russian contralto Alexandra Krutikova. F1735 KORSOV, B. B. (Корсов Б.Б.)