Photo by C. Fischer, Moscow, Russia, 1915 13.0 х 18.7 cm Autographed (in pencil): C. Fischer 1915 Tamara Nikolaevna LEZHNEVA (b. Prokhorova) (1892 - 1921), eldest daughter of Nikolai Prokhorov, owner of the Trekhgorny Textile Factories, and wife of Nikolai Lezhnev (1878-1960), owner of the Yelagin Horse Stables and Farm in the Saratov Governatore. In 1915, Nikolai Lezhnev purchased a large summer home in the fashionable resort of Kislovodsk in the Caucasus for his wife, who was seriously ill. After the communist revolution of 1917, the Lezhnev Summer Home, as it was known in the area, was nationalized, and turned into a worker’s resort. Currently, in private ownership. C4765 LEZHNEVA T. N. (Лежнева Т. Н.)