Photo by Boissones and Eggler, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1900s 9.5 х 10.5 cm (photo) Back side: Stamp of the photo studio and writing by Alexander Linkov: “Anna Timof. with daughter Varvara Genn (1888-19..)” Anna Timofeevna Karpova with daughter Varvara (Varya) Anna KARPOVA, b. Morozov, (1849-1924), daughter of Timofey Morozov, owner of the Nikolskaya Textile Factory, and wife of historian Gennady Karpov (1848-1890). Anna was a benefactor and philanthropist, who started a foundation in memory of her husband to award students of the Moscow University for the best works on history. Varvara KARPOVA (m. von Meck) (ca. 1889 – 1950s, New York), the youngest daughter of Gennady and Anna Karpov and wife of Vladimir von Meck (1877-1932). C3330 (From the Morozov’s family archive; donated by A. P. Linkov) KARPOVA A. T. (Карпова A. T.)