Photo by S. Levitsky, St. Petersburg, Russia, ca. 1867-1877 11.2 х 16.3 cm Mother Superior MITROPHANIA (baroness Praskovia Grigorievna ROSEN) (1825 - 1899) was a prominent figure in the Russian Orthodox Church, who actively participated in the establishment of the Religious Order of the Sisters of Mercy in St. Petersburg, Pskov, and Moscow (Russia). The baroness joined the monastery at 26 and nine years later was appointed mother superior of the Vvedensky Monastery in the town of Serpukhov, Russia. During her tenure, the monastery grew and she became an influential and revered figure among the Moscow clergy. In 1873, Mitrophania was accused in trying to fraudulently capture some else’s property. The court did not find direct personal interest of Mitrophania in the case, as the acquired property was intended to support her monastery and its community. In 1874, the jury found Mitrophania guilty on main accounts and sentenced her to 14 years of exile in Siberia. However, in reality, Mitrophania spent her exile in the monasteries of Stavropol, Poltava, and Nizhni Novgorod, which are the southern parts of Russia. Towards the end of her life, Mitrophania left Russia on multiple occasions and lived in Jerusalem for extended periods of time. C4690 MITROPHANIA (Митрофания)