Photo by N. A. Chesnokov, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1898 6.3 х 10.3 cm Petr Ivanovich MAKUSHIN (1844-1926) was a book seller, publisher, and philanthropist well known in Siberia, Russia. Makushin opened the first public library in the city of Tomsk and the first book store in Siberia; he was one of the first supporters of the first university and the founder of the People’s University. House of Science in Tomsk is named after Makushin. Autograph on the back: “To the kindest Vera Alexandrovna Bagileva (?) for the good memories. Truly yours, P. Makushin. 20 April 1898.” C3329 MAKUSHIN, P. I. (Макушин П.И.)