Photo by Fr. Opitz, Moscow, Russia, ca. 1900 10.8 х 16.4 cm Nikolay Alekseevich KABLUKOV (1849 - 1919) was a prominent public figure in the Russian political life and professor at the Law School and the Department of Political Economy of Moscow University. Kablukov regularly published articles in popular Russian periodicals, including Novoe Slovo, Russkie Vedomosti, Russkaya Mysl’, and others. Kablukov was a member of the Union of Liberation («Союз освобождения»), a liberal political group founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in January 1904, and one of the founders and members of the Central Committee of the Constitutional Democratic Party. After the communist revolution of 1917, Kablukov was elected chairman of the Executive Commission of the All-Russia Statistical Congresses. C4838 KABLUKOV N. A. (Каблуков Н.А.)