Photo by W. Schonfeld, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1862-1866 5.7 х 9.6 Attribution by O. V. Rykova Maria Lvovna PUSHKINA, married name Neikirkh (1849 –1928), was a daughter of Lev Sergeevich Pushkin and Elizaveta Alexandrovna Zagriazhskaia. She graduated from Smolnyi Institute in 1867 and, following the educational ideas of Konstantin Ushinkii, Inspector of the Smolnyi, she became a “people’s teacher” in the province. In 1913, she was awarded a life-long stipend as a niece of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin by Moscow Mayor’s Office. In 1922, the Soviet government, in responce to a request by then-minister of education Anatolii Lunacharskii awarded Maria Pushkina an “increased pension of 15,000 rubles monthly for life.” C3328 PUSHKINA M. (Пушкина М.)