Photo by Scherer and Nabholz and Co., Moscow, Russia, 1895 10.8 х 16.4 cm Sergei Tikhonovich BOLSHAKOV (1842–1906) was a trader in antiques. While not being a true connoisseur of art or books, he was a talented entrepreneur. He developed new trade practices, such as business and post cards with the address of his store to simplify placing orders, which brought him customers both in Russia and overseas. He was a vendor and a trading agent for the Rumyantsev Museum in Moscow, the Public Library in St. Petersburg, the Moscow University, and a number of other important institutions. In 1863-1864, for a symbolic compensation, presented the Rumyantsev Museum with a large collection of Russian manuscripts of the 16-17th century, which was the seed for the future Department of Manuscripts at the Russian State Library. Related to Kozma Soldatyonkov. A0602 BOLSHAKOV, S. T. (Большаков С. Т.)